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From the Beginning, God did everything out of love for us

We are a family-owned and operated ranch in the heart of Central Oklahoma who takes pride in quality cattle production. Our high-quality Black and Red Angus, Wagyu, and F1 Wagyu are produced from insemination to birth.

Our brand is focused on building a trademark within the industry, based on quality cattle production for the end consumer and everyone along the way. Our background in agriculture, involvement of industry experts, and state of the art facilities allow us to achieve the highest quality cattle.

Everything is produced on the ranch. On-site production allows for a unique and exclusive experience. Designed for efficiency, our ranch boasts rotating grazing pastures, a pressurized water system, and indoor working facilities. We take pride in our production team and our animals.

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Pasture to Plate

The Genesis brand is building a herd of F1 Wagyu cattle that perform well in the pasture and produce beef that performs well on the plate. Wagyu are known for exceptional quality meat and crossing them with Angus increases those qualities and provides a unique product.

We are proud of the ranch and are open to sharing our ranch with others - customers and consumers alike. We want to showcase how our brand has changed our lives and how we are working to enhance the cattle production industry.

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